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Welcome to the CalCasp digital library with over 120 federal and state disabled access reference documents with optional PDF download. We will also be adding our "Code Vault" which has over 76 different federal and state codes.

CalCasp, Inc.
CalCasp, Inc.

Course Curriculum

California Government Code
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California Vehicle Code
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Federal Guides
Accessibility Requirements For Existing Swimming Pools At Hotels And Other Public Accommodations
ADA Basics Statute and Regulations
ADA Coordinator, Notice & Grievance Procedure
ADA: Know Your Rights Returning Service Members with Disabilities
Addendum 1: Title II Checklist: Emergency Management
Addendum 2: The ADA and Emergency Shelters: Access for All in Emergencies and Disasters
ADA Private Clubs Exemption - Club Managers Association of America
Accessible Pools Means of Entry and Exit
ADA Guide for Small Business
ADA Small Business Primer
ADA Accessibility Survey Instructions Curb Ramps
ADA Title II Primer
Assistance at Self-Serve Gas Stations
Communicating with People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Hospital Settings
Common ADA Problems at Newly Constructed Lodging Facilities
Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Crossings Under Title II of the ADA
Dimensional Tolerances – Final-Report
DOJ - ADA Title II Highlights
DOJ - ADA Title III Highlights
DOJ Play Surfaces
Emergency Management Under Title II of the ADA
Effective Communication Guide
FAA Enhancing Accessibility at Airports
Five Steps To Make New Lodging Facilities Comply With The ADA
General Effective Communication Requirements Under Title II of the ADA
Guide For Places Of Lodging Serving Guests Who Are Blind Or Who Have Low Vision
Pool Lift Letter to the American Hotel and Lodging Association
Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
Service Animals
Ticket Sales
Title II Checklist 9-1-1 and Emergency Communications Services
Title II Checklist (Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Crossings)
Website Accessibility Under Title II of the ADA
Website Accessibility Addendum- Title II Checklist
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